Aug 312014

Elisa Gabbert (@egabbert) and I are having another live tweeting event! Point Break! People all over the country will watch Point Break at exactly the same time and join each other on Twitter. It pretty much is the best fun you’ve had in a while.

Reeves & Swayze In 'Point Break'

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Apr 152014

My new book, BACKUP SINGERS, is out with Birds, LLC!

I’m so happy to be published with Birds again. Many thanks to their wonderful editors. And for Eric Amling for the design.

You can order a copy at their website

(later this year it will be available through SPD and Amazon).

Philip Guston on the cover and the poem below is on the back!



backup singers front cover 320x480


This poem is called Safe Bets.

Safe Bet.

Sorry let me start over.

This poem is called Safe Bets.

Safe Bet.

Sorry I can’t believe that, let me start over.

This poem is called Safe Bets.

Safe Bet.

Shit, sorry. Again.

This poem is called Safe Bets.

Safe Bets.

It is a safe bet that Slavoj Zizek is eating a donut.

Feb 092014

I read last night for the inaugural Madame Harriet Presents event at Counterpath. It is hosted by two geniuses, Selah Saterstrom & HR Hegnauer. TC Tolbert and Andrea Rexilius performed. Last night I felt all of the emotions.

I am reading four more times in February! Knoxville and Atlanta next week, then twice at AWP. My new book, BACKUP SINGERS, should be out then!!!

Also I’m reading in Austin & Denver & Lawrence, soon.

I hope to see you at one of these events.

Here is a sweet poster for my Austin reading with Deborah Poe!



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Jan 132014

Yes! It’s true! I am August!

I appear in there with Kazim Ali, Christophe Casamassima, Don Mee Choi, Ryan Eckes, Farrah Field, Joan Kane, Bhanu Kapil, Rachel Levitsky, Anna Moschovakis, Jared White, and Simone White & illustrations by Essye Klempner.

argos books calendar

argos books calendar

Click here to order it:

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Jan 122014

Birds, LLC is going to publish my next book, Backup Singers! It should be out at AWP in late February. This is from their website:

Birds, LLC Announces BACKUP SINGERS by Sommer Browning
Friends,We’re very excited to announce our next title: Backup Singers by Sommer Browning.Browning follows up her sold out debut, Either Way I’m Celebrating, with an even rawer and starker, and again darkly humorous navigation of friendship, marriage, and motherhood. The result is a more overtly political assessment of the absurd deficit between what we’re confronted with and what we’re equipped with to deal with those confrontations: “It’s a girl, / and the wires she needs // open her hands / before they’re fists.”

Browning combats this deficit with relentless anaphora and repetition, reducing seemingly impossible relationships to their most basic element–a love that begets an unconditional loyalty: “I’m here! I didn’t run!”

Look for Backup Singers to be available exclusively at the Birds, LLC table at AWP!


the Editors


Thank you so much, Birds. Best press ever.

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